10 Non Stereotypical Girls Clothing Lines (Or What We Used to Call Tomboy Clothes for Girls)

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In this article, I am going to be introducing you to some awesome tomboy clothing lines, showing you cute tomboys clothes girls will love and giving you links to where to buy tomboy clothes online. Also included are lines of adorable dresses that feature traditionally boy themes. But first I want to address this term: tomboy. I didn’t really think we used this term anymore. It seems kind of silly & outdated in today’s society. It was a word we used all the time when I was growing up but today I would like to think that a girl who likes traditionally boyish clothing, playing outside and enjoying hobbies such as sports and subjects like math is just a girl!

(Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.)

Making Progress Today with Non-Stereotypical Clothing for Girls

Today we are trying to get rid of the stereotypes that dinosaurs and astronauts are for boys. I usually say that my page is about clothing, toys, and books that crush gender stereotypes because to me that is what they are. However, when we are searching for things like my page, the term tomboy is still often used. This is possibly for lack of a better term. If you search for girl’s clothes you are still going to get mostly stereotypical girl stuff!! (If you are interested in thought-provoking things like Where Have All the Tomboys Gone? Check out The New York Times article I came across.) So anyway, I would like people who are looking for these items to find my page…so I thought I would use “tomboy clothes for girls.” And we can remember all the awesome tomboys that we grew up reading and learning about. The women who broke those stereotypes and made history are many of the women we can thank today for the progress that we have made. We still have a long way to go but let’s start by checking out all 10 of these amazing clothing lines for girls, that crush gender stereotypes, and inspire our girls to be anything they want to be!

1. Svaha

Empowering Girls to Love STEM!

Svaha was started by two moms and former think-geek coworkers who had trouble finding girl’s clothes with space themes and boy’s clothes with flowers and rainbows. They realized there was a missed market for kids who like things that aren’t “gender traditional”. They decided to use their industry expertise to team up and create a line of products aimed at changing the landscape of the children’s apparel industry. Their clothes stand out amid the increasingly gender-stereotypical children’s clothes being sold today. Svaha clothing is gender-neutral and features designs inspired by science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Get free shipping on orders over $75.
Want to know more about Svaha? Get their full story here.

2. Girls Will Be

A New Direction in Girls Clothing – No Limits, No Frills!

Girls Will Be designs clothes that empower girls to be themselves. They were started by a mom of a daughter who hated girl clothes and was always asking “Why do boys get all the cool stuff?” Using her business and marketing background, she joined forces with her creative brother and sister to create Girls Will Be. They feel that girls love everything from dinosaurs and math to art and soccer. Girls Will Be believes girls should never think something is only for boys. Girls are more than pretty and sweet – like strong and smart and fierce. And they need clothes designed for active play and going on adventures. They think there is definitely more than one way to be a girl – and it doesn’t have to always involve pink and sparkles. They want girls to feel inspired, confident, and ready for anything when they put on their clothes! From science tees to their signature “not-so-short” shorts, they give girls more options to express their individuality. Girls Will Be features clothing with an “In-The-Middle” Fit, Stereotype-Busting Graphics, Bold, Vibrant Colors, No Frills, High Quality, Soft Fabrics, and Pockets! Shipping is $4 for the first item and free for orders over $70. Get 10% off your first order when you sign up for their email list. Want to know more about Girls Will Be? Read their full story here.


3. Princess Free Zone

Gender Cool Apparel

The founder and president of Princess Free Zone was inspired to start the company, like many of these brands, by her daughter. She believes a girl can wear a tiara if she wants, but she should feel free to take it off as well. She asks if you have you ever walked through a girls toy or clothing department and wondered, “Is this all there is?” What if the little girl you are shopping for doesn’t like pink and pastel colors? What if she won’t wear a tiara or a tutu? What if she doesn’t play with baby dolls or Barbies? What if she likes superheroes and race cars? Or what if you are simply a parent who doesn’t want her daughter pigeon-holed simply because large corporations have decided that pink is for girls and blue is for boys? She states that there are over 40,000 princess items on the market! She thinks shopping in boys departments shouldn’t be the answer. She decided to offer little girls a Princess Free Zone: A place where being a girl doesn’t mean donning a tiara. But more than that, PFZ embraces difference by removing the stereotypes typical in children’s merchandise conveying that each little girl is an individual with her own personal style. They have super cool tees for girls, a book, and they plan on doing much more. If you want to find out more about her brand, check it out here.

4. Free to Be Kids

Positive Fashion for Amazing Kids

The messages on our kids’ clothes matter! Free to Be Kids battles negativity and gender cliches in children’s clothing with positive messages and stylish, on-trend design. They offer children the messages that big retailers don’t. They celebrate intelligence and grit in girls because their worth is based on so much more than just their cuteness. We celebrate kindness in boys because they’re more than just troublemakers and athletes. We think girls can rock shirts with tigers and insects and boys can love kittens, bunnies, and butterflies. At Free to Be Kids, we believe passionately that both boys and girls deserve to see, hear, and wear better messages. We put that belief into practice by designing positive alternatives to the usual mainstream options. Free to Be Kids products are all ethically made in Seattle. Join their email list for 10% off your first order! Want to know more about Girls Will Be? Read their full story here.

Jessy & Jack & Handsome in Pink

Jessy & Jack merged with Free To Be Kid & is their line of gender-neutral baby and kids clothes that celebrates bright colors, friendship, and childhood, with no words or slogans in sight! They make clothes without cliches for happy little humans. They love combining bright colors, joyful designs, and a little twist of imagination.  They can now be found at Free to Be Kids!
Handsome in Pink merged with Free to Be Kids and their designs can now be found there!


5. Princess Awesome

A clothing company for girls who love all things awesome.

Princess Awesome is a company founded by women – two mothers – who want girls to be able to express themselves through their clothing. They are committed to making clothes that girls want to wear and that parents want to see on their daughters. Their guiding principle is to listen to what girls like to wear, do, and play, and to make that available to them – so girls can wear all that they are. Princess Awesome believes that if a girl likes purple and also likes trucks, she should be able to wear a purple truck dress. And if a girl likes princesses and also aliens, then an alien princess skirt is for her. They also believe that if a girl would prefer to skip the “princess” and stick with the “awesome,” she deserves some dress options that feature a range of colors and topics. They say that butterflies are awesome and so are airplanes, monsters are awesome and so are twirly skirts, girls are awesome and girls get to decide what it means to be girly. Princess Awesome started out with dresses featuring things like trains, space, and dinosaurs but now carries a full line of truly awesome girls’ clothing. You get free shipping on orders over $100. Want to hear their whole story? You can read it here.


6. Primary

It’s not basic, it’s primary! Soft as a cloud in a rainbow of colors at prices that are totally down to earth!

Primary was started by two moms, and former co-workers at, who had been shopping for kids clothes for over 12 years but still didn’t have a go-to for awesome basics at reasonable prices. All of their clothes are logo-free, great quality and simple designs. They offer clothes for infants and kids, featuring a rainbow of solid primary colors, stripes, and polka dots. The basics are kept in stock so you can purchase your favorites year after year at affordable prices. If you are tired of characters and sayings printed all over your kid’s clothes this will be your new go-to for all your clothing needs. They have it all: onesies, dresses, tees/tanks, pants, PJs, outerwear, socks, and underwear in all sizes! If you are ready to stock up, take advantage of this special! Get 20% off your first order at with code AFF20PCT. Want to know more about Primary? Get their full story here.

7. Sunrise Girl

 Celebrating the Whole Wide Range of Things that Girls Like to Do

As a mom to two daughters, the founder of Sunrise Girl wanted to make shirts that celebrate the whole wide range of things that girls like to do. She doesn’t feel like girls are fairly represented in big-box retailers and traditional girls’ clothing departments, where you’ll find a lot of butterflies, flowers, and cupcakes. Although she believes these are all wonderful things (she says she has never said no to a good cupcake!) but a girl is so much more. They’re full of determination, energy, talent, intelligence, and endless possibility. Those are the qualities that they celebrate at Sunrise Girl through their shirt designs. Their first line of shirts was inspired by a real group of active, adventurous, and passionate young girls. The website has a cool profile for each of them! They offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. If you want to know more about Sunrise Girl check it out here.

8. Mitz Kids

Clever Clothes for Creative Kids

Mitz Kids was founded by a mom whose daughter was just 15-months old when she became obsessed with dinosaurs. As a side project, she made her daughter a dinosaur dress with spikes down the back to support her budding interest. This sparked conversations with other parents about the lack of STEM-themed clothing choices for girls. She decided to put the dress on her company website and it sold out within hours. Further discussions with other parents led her down the path of co-creating Mitz Accessories with a business partner. She discovered boys were limited to traditional STEM-themed items and restrictive color choices. Specific animals were also restricted as in dinosaurs just for boys and cats just for girls. After surveying over 1,000 parents, she began designing around what parents said was missing in the children’s clothing market. Their clothing is gender-neutral, kid approved, play-friendly, education-focused, and super fun! If you would like to find out more about Mitz Kids check it out here.

9. Perfectly Baked

Inspired by Buns in the Oven

Perfectly Baked was created by two moms with a fashion background who decided they wanted to create a clothing line while juggling motherhood. The name of their clothing business was inspired by an afternoon chat where they both agreed all “buns in the oven” were baked to perfection, hence the name. One has her hands full with two boys and the other is a mom of one boy and one girl. They would exchange clothes back and forth and that’s when they realized there was a lack of fun, unisex clothing that would last more than a couple of washes and be able to pass down from child to child. They started gathering ideas and working with several independent designers to create unique collections that exemplified the artist’s work and catered to Perfectly Baked’s vision. The manufacturing was to be executed in Peru since their goal was to use only the finest Pima cotton in the world. Not only is this cotton perfect for children’s soft skin but it’s also proven to endure a good amount of washes without losing color or form. Everything they wanted would come together – fun, gender-neutral clothing that could last generations making parents’ pockets a lot happier. Their inspirations for colors, materials, and designs are bright and fun due to their multicultural backgrounds. With their own kids in mind, they aimed for patterns that would make kids smile as well as feel comfortable while doing what they do best: being kids. They offer free shipping on US orders!! Want to find out more about Perfectly Baked? You can find their whole story here.

10. Quirkie Kids

No labels. Just clothes.

Quirkie Kids is are all about celebrating childhood and letting kids be kids. They believe that boys can be sweet and kind and that girls can be rough and tumble. They also believe that kids should be free to wear what they love. They don’t think boys should have to shop in the girls’ section to find clothes that represent kindness, friendship, or love. And girls shouldn’t have to shop in the boys’ section to find clothes with skateboards, dinosaurs or sharks. Quirkie Kids is a different kind of company. They don’t label their clothes by gender, clothes are for kids. Period. End of Story. No boy clothes. No girl clothes. Just clothes. Click here to find out more about Quirkie Kids.

Every Girl is Unique and Special

I have featured many items from all of these brands throughout my clothing pages but they have so many great things that I hope you click through their pages and see all that they have to offer! I love that almost all of them have pockets, even in their dresses and leggings! My 4-year-old, LJ, has already started complaining when she wears shorts with fake pockets and asking to wear a pair that has real pockets instead. She sees me creating this page and is constantly saying “I want that!!!” Every girl is unique and special and hopefully, a few of these lines might be the perfect match for them! Tomboy or girlie girl or just GIRL, there is something for all of our precious little ones on this list! Please let me know what you think of this post and these awesome clothing lines. What does your daughter like to wear? Let me know in the comments section below!

After you comment, be sure to check out all the great clothes I hand-selected to feature in my online clothing store! Happy shopping!


10 Stereotypical Clothing Lines Girls Will Love  10 Non Stereotypical Girls Clothing Lines  10 Non Stereotypical Girls Clothing Lines

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  1. It’s thrilling to have more options for girls! Girls have a much wider range of interests than is typically portrayed in the available options at traditional stores! It’s the reason I started Annie the Brave and it’s the reason we’ll keep going!! Thanks for bringing attention to this issue!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love your dresses so much and have links to your site for all of your dresses in my shop! I found them just after writing this post and have thought that I need to edit it to include you and a few others!! My girls love dresses and wear them to play in and I just think it is so great that there are more options out there now that lines like yours exist!! Thank you for putting out such inspirational dresses for our girls to wear!

  2. Wow! This is a very comprehensive article. I can kind of relate to this article. As I am the only girl in the family living with my two other brothers, I tend to play with my brothers a lot. We played many boys’ stuff such as climbing the tree, catching fish from canals, etc. Because of this, neighbours and relatives felt that I was too tomboyish. Yes. This was the term they used on me. It is also mainly because I refused to wear skirts and dresses. Instead, I prefer shorts and pants. Well… who wears dresses to climb trees right?

    I really hope people can remove all stereotypes of the female and male gender and allow each individual to have their own style. Children should be able to have the freedom to develop their own styles as they grow up.

    Among thr list, I like the outfits from PRIMARY. I like the fact that there are no labels on the outfit. I am also attracted to the colorful stripes design. I think such colorful designs are very suitable to young children.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lynn! I totally agree that dresses aren’t the best for climbing trees!! My girls wear dresses but with pants or shorts under them and sneakers! They are always playground ready!! I absolutely love the stripes design from Primary as well!

  3. What a great list you have published. My daughter loves to wear abit of everything, but of the time she likes to wear shorts and t-shirts, I really wish South Africa had such a wide variety of clothes to choose from. I really like the perfectly baked baby outfits they are just so adorable. Sunrise gril is great my daughter would love these it really suites her personality.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kay! Shorts and t-shirts are my girls favorite too! They are great for playing outside!! I agree the Perfectly Baked baby outfits are too cute, I wish I found them while my girls were still babies!

  4. Adyns68 says:

    This is a great list you have made here.

    I like the fact that even as kids, they can choose what they want to wear regardless of their gender. I think giving to any kid the opportunity to understand why they can wear X, Y or Z cloth is very important. And any stereotypical reflexion should be left aside.

    I really like the princess awesome clothing line and sunrise girl. They are very colorful and beautiful for girls.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree! Thanks so much for your comment!

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