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Why I Started Girls Love Blue Too

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While there is absolutely nothing wrong with girls that love pink & princesses, I personally really kind of hate them. I was extremely happy when my oldest daughter decided that blue was her favorite color and so far has stuck with it ever since. She doesn’t hate princesses but she also loves superheroes, trucks, and tools as well as baby dolls and her play kitchen. I am proud to say she is pretty well rounded and doesn’t yet know that any of those things are labeled by society as for boys or girls.

She is only four but is very sure that she always wants the blue one, of any and everything. We have mostly hand me down clothes from friends so she is often wearing pink and pastels so I try really hard when I do purchase anything new for her that I get it in blue. I realized this made things difficult sometimes. She wanted the blue shoes, but they were very obviously the boy shoes, and the pink and purple ones were for the girls. I hated that the style was different. I know there is nothing wrong with her just having the boy sandals, she has many boy things, the ones with the shark instead of the cute owl of course, but with clothes, I really wished there were more options for girls. I started looking out for more clothes in blue and primary colors. She loves dinosaurs and sharks and building things, she doesn’t always need sparkles and glitter either. I don’t really care if someone mistakes one of my daughters for a boy occasionally but I feel like she should be able to wear things that are girly some days, gender-neutral others, with superheroes or trucks or astronauts or ballerinas. She shouldn’t be stuck with pink princesses and unicorns. I especially cannot stand when the boy clothes say adventurer or future astronaut and the girl clothes say cute and princess. Girls can be adventurous and have careers in science too!!!

I will never forget when I was doing martial arts, I needed boxing gloves, I wanted ones that fit for women but all I was finding was bright pink ones. While many girls thought that was awesome, I just wanted gloves like everyone else that fit my tiny hands.

I thought it would be fun to create a place for girls to be girls that offers a well-rounded assortment of clothing to include things outside of the pink princess look. From tomboy looks to girly-girl, kids should be able to wear all colors and prints and feel comfortable with their own style. I hope you enjoy looking at what I have found!




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  1. Margo says:

    I love this!! <3

    1. Thanks!! I’ve been having fun with it and I really think it is such an important topic. You are a great role model for my girls!!

  2. I love this page! I love it!!!
    I have 4 boys and a girl. She is 25 and just got engaged. Her favorite color growing up was NOT pink, it was yellow.
    She told me she wants her wedding in forest green, gold, and white.

    As a kid, she was just as rough and tumbly as her brothers, and she has become a lady in the full sense of the word.

    I am so happy that you are allowing your daughter to express herself through her clothes. I applaud you and this site.
    Have you thought about doing something similar for boys?

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Thank you so much Gwendolyn! I have thought about expanding later! Many of the brands I feature on this site have clothes for boys in pink with kittens and slogans that break the boy stereotypes. They are adorable and just as important as they are for girls. I have a godson and definitely want to get him a few things from them! All the toys and books I feature are great for either boys and girls too!!! Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. Derek Marshall says:

    Absolutely brilliant! and good on you and your daughter!. This post actually speaks volumes for us adults and society as well on how we push our own stereo types on to children and thus the cycle continues!.

    Time to break that cycle.

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